Vietnam Visa, Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa is required for almost all foreigners visiting Vietnam for any purposes: tourist or business. Nowadays, it is quite easy to get Vietnam visa when Vietnamese government put Vietnam visa on arrival into effect. Travelers can stay at home and go online to easily apply Vietnam visa for staying in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, not having to go to the Embassy as before. In case you would like to stay longer, you totally can extend your visa when you are in Vietnam. To save your valuable time and your budget, it is recommended to apply Vietnam visa online as soon as you can. In case you have not determined your exact arrival date in Vietnam, just choose some days prior to your planned date as you can arrive and exit Vietnam anytime within the visa validity.

There are 2 ways to get Vietnam visa

1. Contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your country.

This way allows you to enter Vietnam by any means of transport; however, it would be slow and complicated. You need to contact Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your country, prepare documents including application form with signature and photo attached, original passport or photo of original passports. Then submit a hard-copy of those document either by post/in person or use services of a travel agent or organization in submitting the visa application. The fees for stamping visa and other current fees such as visa approval arrangement fee, processing fee, shipping, handling and expedited services, etc. are not public and might be different from embassy to embassy.


2. Get Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA).

This is the best way to get Vietnam visa, but it allows you to enter Vietnam by airline only. The superior side of this method is simple procedure, transparent service & stamping fees. You just need to fill in our "Online Application Form", pay the service fee then get your "Visa approval letter" within 2-3 working days processing time for normal service and 1 working day processing time for urgent service. Final step is to get your visa stamped on arrival at one of Vietnam International airports. Upon entry at Vietnam airport, you need to submit original passport + 2 passport-sized photos + printed Vietnam visa approval letter + and pay the stamping fee directly to Vietnam Immigration Officers at airport. It costs US$ 25 to stamp one-month and three-month single entry visas, $50 for one-month and three-month multiple entry visas.

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Questions & Answers About Vietnam Visa

How to get visa to Vietnam?

You can either apply yourself by submitting the form to the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your country or apply Vietnam visa on arrival through a travel agency. Thanks to the policies facilitating foreigners to visit Vietnam, applying Vietnam visa online has been become much easier than ever before. With only some simple steps, the applicants can get their visa approval letter after 1 or 2 working days, get on flight to Vietnam and get their visa stamped at the Vietnam airport upon arrival. Especially, with Vietnamtravelcenter.com/visa.html, the visa application processing takes only 4 to 8 processing hours, saving a lot of time and particularly suitable for urgent demand.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam Visa on arrival is the type of visa that you are approved to flight to Vietnam by a letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department then get the visa stamped at one of the 3 international Airports in Vietnam (Noi Bai, Da Nang & Tan Son Nhat Airport) upon arrival.

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival is now much simpler than ever before. Please follow 3 simple steps:

   - Get Vietnam visa approval letter by filling out the secure online form then proceed to payment.

   - Print Vietnam visa approval letter together with entry and exit form (fill in it before getting to Vietnam)

   - Take visa approval letter, passport, 2 passport-sized photos, entry and exit form, and stamping fee with you to show at Vietnam airports, then your visa will be stamped.

For further details, please see our Process & Time.

Who need Vietnam visa?

Vietnam visa is required for almost foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam except for nationals of certain countries which have visa exemption arrangements with Vietnam.

How many kinds of Vietnam visa are there?

There are two ways of classification:

  • First, in terms of traveling purpose, there are Four kinds of Vietnam entry visa:
  • - Vietnam Tourist Visa: applied for 1 month visa
  • - Vietnam Business Visa: applied for 3 month visa
  • - Vietnam Transit visa: applied 5 day visa
  • - Visa for other purposes: applied for 3 month visa